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5 star Yelp review:

"Excellent work!  I'm a pretty active 'do it yourself-er' and I have taken my stab at repairing and patching drywall over the years.  I've always found it to be a frustrating, time-consuming, and the results have usually been less than perfect.
After some lighitng fixture changes in my kitchen, the ceiling-which is highly visible-needed some really solid repair.  I contemplated doing it myself again, but it seemed daunting.  In this case, more daunting than actually finding a pro to take care of it!
So I found King's Drywall Repair on the internet.  I called and they quickly scheduled an appointment.
They arrived precisely on time for the appointment, gave an estimate of how long they would be, and immediately went to work sealing off the work from the rest of the house to prevent dust and plaster from getting everywhere.
The results looked fantastic, and the cost was definitely worth it compared to what my 'amateur' efforts would have accomplished (and considering that this is 'permanent', the investment of having it done right was a smart decision in my mind).
Huge recommendation!"

A rated review on Angie's List:

"I was looking for a drywall provided who could do a great job matching our textured walls when repairing our drywall and King Drywall did a great job.  When the electricians pushed the schedule back, instead of working Thursday and Friday, they worked Friday and Sunday to get the job done.  I was very grateful for their flexibility, because otherwise we would have had to wait over a month to get into their schedule.  They did a great job with the repairs and I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again."

Our most recent A rated review on Angie's List:

"We have had a number of contractors and service providers do work at our house, and King's Drywall Repair has blown every other company out of the water in terms of price, professionalism, promptness and quality.
First, in terms of price, before starting this project, we asked for 5 bids, and of the 3 that responded, King's was the lowest.  We were glad they were the lowest, because based on how the bidding went, we could tell they knew exactly what they were talking about, showed up exactly when they said they would and even had suggestions on how to make the process go more smoothly.  There were no surprises at the end when it came time to pay either.
Second, in terms of professionalism, there was excellent communication throughout the process.  They started the project right when they said they would.  The day they were scheduled to deliver the drywall, the people they usually use to deliver were booked (I think), and they didn't want to start 1 day later, so the owner and several other people came and made the delivery themselves, in the rain.  Whenever there were a few different options on how to do something, they asked.  And continually told us they would do pretty much anything to make us happy- which they succeeded in doing :-)
Third, in terms of promptness, they returned all of our phone calls within minutes, showed up when they said they would, and completed the project in the time they thought it would take.  We had a lot of corners (since it is a basement with vent ducting running throughout, support posts, and weird shaped closets), probably more corners than they expected. Eric, the one who did all the mudding, taping and finishing said he went through an entire pack of corners and over 600 pounds of mud.  At any rate, they started to run behind, and Eric came in on his weekend to stay on track.
Last, in terms of quality, they did perfect.  The guys who hung the drywall noticed that the framing around the ductwork was't square, so they added in shims of drywall to make it perfectly square.  Also, Eric, the one who did all the mudding taping and sanding (in the dark since we had to pull the lights out to put the drywall up) found one corner where the stud was out about .5-.75 inches too far. Rather than just have the drywall look a tad bent, Eric floated the wall out over about 6 feet, so you couldn't even notice the wall was not square.  Once they were done, and the lights were back in, and we painted, we noticed one spot where we could (just barely) see a tape seam, and one spot above a door that had cracked (the crack above the door probably wasn't even their fault since we had the door replaced on the last couple days they were there by home depot, and the door installer probably wrecked it).  We called Hailey at their office, and said we could fix it ourselves, but she insisted that they come back and fix both spots themselves.  When Eric came back to fix these spots, he did it with a smile, and even said he was glad he came back because he had bought a special caulk to fill in a crack between a spot of existing textured ceiling and new wall.  We saw this crack too, and just figured that there was no way to avoid the crack.
So basically, if we ever need drywall again, we won't get any other bids, we will just go with these guys.  If you are considering getting drywall installed, I would highly highly recommend them.  Even if you get other bids and they aren't the lowest, I probably would pay up to 25% more just because you would get peace of mind that it would be installed perfectly, and without any cut corners.  Also, the owner, the drywall hangers, the finisher, and the office person were all very friendly!
Thank you King's!"

5 star Yelp review:

"Great company to do business with!  Their staff is very professional, timely, and knowledgeable about drywall repair.  I had Dan and Jon repair a large section of ceiling that was water damaged.  They did an excellent job and Hailey the office manager was efficient with coordinating the entire 2 day project."

A rated review on Angie's List:

"King's Drywall was awesome. 
They were on time, very courteous and respectful of our space, and most of all did an excellent repair job. 
I was expecting the repair to be less than perfect since our drywall had a bit of texture over the top of it. The job that King's did, however, was impeccable. The texture was matched perfectly, and you can't tell that a repair had been done at all. 
If I ever need drywall or plaster repair work in the future, I'm not even going to bother calling someone else."

Review from Square:

"Timeliness, Customer Service, Quality, Other

Your crew is exceptional—very much appreciated."

Review from Square:

"Other, Quality, Customer Service, Timeliness

I am so thrilled that Steve called me back within hours, then he was kind enough to squeeze my small job in; so that my floors could be done the next day! John was fantastic . . on time, courteous, more than capable and clean! You are my new drywall people! I will always recommend you! Thank you!"

Review customer emailed:

It was so worth  the wait; Steve is amazing, just amazing!

Not only his workmanship, not only his way to do his job so completely, being so attentive to the tiniest detail, being so respectful to my house and my "drywall absolutely ignorant" comments and questions, it was a pure pleasure to have this project done by such an awesome professional. Not even counting his little pearls of drywall wisdom that I tried to write down while listening to him.